Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

The growth of Churchwood Gardens

These photos show the progress of Churchwood Gardens being built.

20th September 2016 - jump to next

Tree surrounded by bare earth, two diggers

2nd October 2016 - jump to next

Tree surrounded by earth, foundations starting to take shape

5th February 2017 - jump to next

Cement floor in place for one block

5th March 2017 - jump to next

One storey of walls built, fir tree in the foreground

4th April 2017 - jump to next

People working on the third storey, other blocks being started

24th August 2017 - jump to next

Blocks reaching full height of several storeys

3rd January 2018 - jump to next

Blocks with wooden cladding

12th February 2018 - back to History ►

Two blocks complete with wooden cladding and windows. Fir trees on the boundary with the Centre.