Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Our beliefs

Church banner with the verse: God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and Christ Acts 2:36The Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre has been in existence since December 1926 working and witnessing in the immediate locality and with a concern for the work of God worldwide. We stand in the Brethren/Baptist tradition and have the following beliefs and practices.

1.  We are a local, autonomous, independent Church, affiliated to the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches).  Doctrinally we conform to the historic evangelical Christian faith. 

2.  We give a central place to the proclamation and explanation of the Word of God.  We especially want to emphasise expository preaching that is directly related to contemporary needs. 

3.  We are not content with correctness of doctrine alone but desire the great truths of Scripture to be known in practical experience.  We aim to see an increasing holiness of life in each member along with loving and caring relationships developed within the fellowship and a clear and effective witness within the neighbourhood. 

4.  We value and encourage the use of spiritual gifts while recognising the New Testament emphasis on the fruit of a godly and Christ-like character.  We understand that such gifts are always viewed corporately and for the benefit of all and we encourage each individual to recognise, develop and use such gifts as God has given, whether they be seen as natural talents dedicated to the Lord or those gifts which come with the new-birth in the Spirit. 

5.  We want to be a community in which worship is central to its life.  Such worship must be meaningful, inspiring, acceptable and that which glorifies the Lord.  Our aim is to avoid the twin extremes of legalism and emotionalism. 

6.  We seek to fulfil and obey the two commands of the Lord Jesus (a) to baptise believers by full immersion as an outward expression of a new life in Christ, and (b) to remember the Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread as a testimony to our oneness in Him.

7.  We encourage mission at every level, believing that we have both the responsibility to reach our neighbourhood with the gospel and to be involved in the great commission to take the gospel to every part of the world. 

8.  We believe in plurality of leadership, accountable to God and to the members of this Church.  While the leaders (Elders) do not necessarily have identical functions, all major decisions are essentially corporate ones. 

9.  We believe that nothing of spiritual value is accomplished without prayer and faith.  Accordingly we urge all members to commit themselves to regular prayer, both corporately and individually. 

10.  Membership of this local Church is for those who have an active faith in Christ, who regard this Church as their spiritual home, and who have chosen to commit themselves to its witness, work and worship.