Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Early days of the Centre

As previously mentioned, the Forest Hill House School moved out in 1926, and the building started to be used as a church called the Honor Oak Christian Fellowship and Conference Centre.

The church was founded by a well-known preacher and writer, Theodore Austin-Sparks. He held five or six conferences each year at the Centre, which were attended by 150+ people from around the world. The best known of those that attended were Watchman Nee, who later after years of imprisonment died for his faith in China, and Bakht Singh, who founded many churches in India.

Austin-Sparks and his co-workers published a bi-monthly magazine, “A Witness and a Testimony”, for over 40 years until Austin-Sparks' death in 1971. This was printed and mailed out from the Centre and eventually grew to a worldwide distribution of 3000+.

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Watchman Nee standing next to Theodore Austin-SparksWatchman Nee with Theodore Austin-Sparks