Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Weekly activities

Our regular weekly activities are as follows:

Sunday 11am Morning service (click here for details)
  6:30pm Evening meeting (click here for details)
Tuesday 10am Bible study



Prayer meeting

7:30pm Bible study



Discovery group (11s-18s)

Our midweek groups and studies are taking a summer break for a few weeks.

Bible studies

A group of us meets on Tuesday mornings during term-time to look at a Bible passage and discuss its significance to us. There is a warm invitation to anyone who can join us, whenever they are free. Another group meets on Wednesday evenings, starting with a light meal.

Prayer together

Praying with one another to our loving heavenly Father is a crucial part of our life together as God's people. We especially encourage the whole church to come together in prayer on the first Tuesday of the month.

Sunday morning service at 11am

 3rd July

Does Jesus matter today?

Acts 2:22-41

10th July

God's victory and God's vengeance

Numbers 31

17th July

Valuing the future inheritance

Numbers 27 and 36

24th July

Sing to the Lord

Psalm 95

31st July

Removing the sting

Psalm 49 and Luke 12:13-21

 7th Aug


Exodus 17:1-7

14th Aug

The joy of forgiveness


Sunday evening meeting at 6:30pm

 3rd July

Series on prayer - part 1


10th July

Series on prayer - part 2


17th July

Series on prayer - part 3


24th July

Series on prayer - part 4



Talks from Keswick Convention


31st July

2 Timothy 1:1-14


 7th Aug

2 Timothy 1:15-2:13


14th Aug

2 Timothy 2:14-26