Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Children and young people

We have a number of Sunday groups for different ages, led by church members who have been DBS checked.

After the groups finish, children are the responsibility of their parents or the adult they came with. For safety's sake, please keep an eye on them (especially around the external doors!).

Crèche: under 2s (unsupervised)
Babies and toddlers under 2 are welcome to make use of the crèche room throughout the service, but they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Pathfinders: 2-3 year olds
Children aged 2-3 meet in the crèche and pathfinder room for a Bible story and some activities, beginning partway through the service. Initially, we ask that children this age are accompanied by a parent (or other adult) while they settle in, but once they are settled it should usually be possible for parents to return to the service.

Explorers: 4-11 year olds
meets in the basement, with the children leaving together partway through the service. Each session is centred on the Bible, with activities, games and crafts all designed to help the children get to grips with God’s Word and what it means for them to follow Jesus.

Discovery and Discovery Extra: 11-14 year olds (school years 7-9)
These groups are for those of senior school age (although those in Year 6 are also welcome to join the group). Discovery meets 2 Sundays a month (usually the 2nd and 4th Sundays) during the second part of the service in the outside cabin.

On the Sundays when the young people are in the service throughout, a special note and question sheet is available for any young people who would like one. Then, after the service, Discovery Extra meets for a snack and chat about the service for 5-10 minutes in the large entrance hall area.