Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Thought for the month

Do you worry about the future?

Will we have the same Prime Minister in a month’s time? Will the UK be in the EU in the summer, or not? Will a thunderstorm ruin my picnic next week? Will I be healthy and get to enjoy my retirement? Will I have enough money to house, clothe and feed me and my family next week, next month, and next year? Will the car break down on holiday again? Will I have a fun day tomorrow, or not?

If we are honest we have to admit that we do not know what will happen in the future: whether we are thinking about the national and political situation, or our own lives. Indeed, the ongoing uncertainty over Brexit helps to remind us that actually the future is never certain!

This uncertainty can cause us to worry about what will happen. It is easy to spend a lot of time anxious about what troubles tomorrow may bring.

Jesus addresses his followers’ concerns about their future needs, concluding with these words:

Yet you might ask: how can I not worry about tomorrow? Jesus gives the answer in what he says before this – God will care for his people, and so even though we do not know what will happen, we can trust him for the future. Jesus points to the natural world and says that if God cares even for that, then he will certainly care for his people:

Uncertainty tends to make us worry. However, the truth is, even when we think we are certain about what will happen in our lives, we are often wrong. We cannot be certain. The only way to not worry about tomorrow is to trust someone who both knows all that will happen in the future and cares greatly for all his people. In an uncertain world we need to trust in God and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you done that?