Honor Oak Christian Fellowship Centre

Thought for the month

Earning wages vs. Receiving a gift

When we work, we expect to receive the wages we have earned. When it gets to the end of the month, and our bank balance shows we have been paid, it is not a cause for great rejoicing, as it is simply what we are due.

Many people think that to get a place in God's presence in heaven they have to earn it: that it is about being good enough or religious enough. However, the Bible's message is clear: no-one at all can be good enough to earn a place in God's presence. For God is so good and holy and glorious that every day we fall far short of what is right before him.

The only way that we could be counted right before God is if God gave us that position to us as a free gift. And wonderfully that is exactly what God does do for us through Jesus Christ, for all who will trust and depend on him. The Apostle Paul, reflecting on how we can be right before God, says this: