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Last month's thought

God With Us

Our television screens and newspapers are filled at the moment with politicians out campaigning. Each night we see the schools, businesses and building sites that the party leaders have visited that day. It is clear that they want us to feel that they understand and care about ordinary people like us. I'll leave it to you to decide how successful you think they are at this!

When it comes to God, it can be tempting to think of him as far away and remote. We might believe that God made the world, but perhaps we wonder if he really cares about ordinary people like you and me.

The message that we celebrate at Christmas is that God cares about us so deeply that the Son of God came and lived with us. In Matthew's Gospel we are told of how Jesus' birth fulfilled a promise from God:

Jesus is God with us, and Jesus' birth shows beyond any doubt that God knows and cares for ordinary people like you and me.