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Last month's thought

Eagerly awaited

For the past year Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting the final film in a long series of superhero movies: Avengers: Endgame. The previous part of this series ended on a cliff-hanger, with the heroes seemingly defeated, and so fans have been very eager to find out what would happen in this twenty-second film of the series. To increase anticipation, the studio have released very few details of the content of the film. Apparently even the actors were not allowed a full script in an effort to stop leaks!

Perhaps superhero films aren’t something you enjoy, but everyone will have something that they are looking forward to: a new book, a holiday in the country, a weekend visiting family, watching the cup final. These are things that we eagerly await. We spend lots of our time thinking about them and what they will be like, and press on through harder times knowing that they are coming up.

The Bible speaks about an event eagerly awaited by Christian believers. In one of his letters, the Bible writer Paul says this:

The Bible is clear that Jesus Christ is going to return, and for those who trust in him, this will be a wonderful event – one that we should eagerly await. When Jesus returns, everything will be brought under his loving lordship, and all that is wrong in the world will be removed. Our bodies too will be transformed. Perhaps we are all too aware of the failings and weaknesses of our bodies, but when Christ returns his people will be given glorious renewed resurrection bodies, like his.

However, in order to eagerly await Jesus’ coming we must be those who are now trusting in Jesus and desiring to live under his lordship. If we reject Jesus now, he will justly reject us when he comes to reign. If we trust in Jesus now, we can look forward to renewed bodies and eternal life with him. If we trust in Jesus we will eagerly await his coming. What about you? Where do you stand?