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Last month's thought

An uncertain future?

Even if you don't usually follow politics, it has been impossible to avoid all the recent talk about Brexit deals. Indeed, the news seems to have been filled with little else for months. However, despite this, the immediate future seems very uncertain. Will MPs approve the Prime Minister's deal? Will the UK leave the EU with no deal? Will there be a general election or another referendum? Even the political pundits don't seem to know what will happen - we face an uncertain future.

The immediate future may hold many uncertainties, but the Bible gives us great certainty about what will happen at the end of this age. As we have been celebrating at Christmas, God's Son came to earth as a baby - Jesus then lived, died and rose again. The Bible is equally clear that one day Jesus will return again.

One of the writers of the New Testament, the Apostle Paul, wrote to the Thessalonian Christians about what would happen when the Lord Jesus returns. They were worried about what would happen to Christians who had recently died. Paul tells them:

Paul reassures the Thessalonian Christians that whether you have died first, or whether you are still alive when Jesus comes, all of his people will meet him. All those who have died will be raised again to eternal life, along with those still living, and together they will welcome the returning Jesus. Wonderfully this group will enjoy eternity with the Lord.

This wonderful future is for all Jesus' people - all those who turn and trust in him. Many things in life are uncertain - life itself is uncertain - but Jesus will certainly return and welcome all his people for ever. What will count for eternity is whether we are one of Jesus's people. Are you?